Would you be surprised to know most entering retirement lack a well-designed plan that is dependent on more than rates of return?

After years of witnessing the confusion and intimidation many feel about their income plan during retirement, we became passionate about developing simple to understand and trusted income plans. A common pattern is many feel they should wait to develop an income plan for retirement until “retirement”. Waiting until retirement can reduce the impact of implementing tax efficient income planning. Creating a tax efficient plan in advance makes a tremendous impact and typically increases income and/or causes funds to last longer. With that said, please do not feel the only way to create a tax efficient income plan is to only act ahead of retirement…it is always essential to have a written plan and it is NEVER too late. Whichever phase you are in, leveraging assets into the right types of vehicles and strategies will empower your plan to achieve higher levels of success.

Through the lens of experience, understanding how products are designed to work best, and taxation -- we simplify, educate and guide you through your choices. Our team includes a CPA, which allows us to move beyond talking about taxes and their impact to authentic tax planning. With tax brackets at historical lows and the strong potential of increased taxation in the future, what impact would it make if 10 – 15% (or even more) of your money that would be used to pay taxes remained in your pocket as part of your portfolio during retirement; AND was going to work for you every year?

Understanding the importance of having a balanced portfolio of taxable and non-taxable income sources is essential for you to maximize your liquid assets. This ensures your funds last your lifetime(s) and pass efficiently to your heirs, so that a large amount of your funds is not spent covering taxes.

While retirement planning has similarities and patterns, we view you as unique.  We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate how we add value to you and your family.

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