Balancing Your Investment

Risk & Returns

Each of us benefit from having a portion of our assets positioned in a position of safety. To give your plan the optimal opportunity for success, you safe asset return should not weigh down your investment return. Finding that balance is easier when you understand the various options available to you and coordinate it within your overall portfolio.

Types of Annuities

Think of Fixed and Fixed Index Annuities as an alternative to CDs, Bonds, etc. With that said, not all annuities and safe vehicles are created equal.

There Are Several Types of Annuities:

Immediate Annuity

Stream of income payments either for a defined period or lifetime(s).

Fixed Annuity

Typically guarantees your rate of return for a set number of years (3-10 years).

Fixed Index Annuity

Participates in an index/indices performance each year and credits interest when the index increases in value. On the flip side, if the index goes down, you get a 0% credit that year vs. losing value in the market. This means you only see positive changes in your account and over time that becomes significant.

Variable Annuity

Participates in the market much like a mutual fund and includes several charges that can create a lag on your performance. Typically has the same risk as investing directly in the market. While we do not offer these vehicles, our team can help you understand them.