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Our Approach

One of the main purposes of Solutions 2 Retirement, LLC is to make an impact in our community to help those nearing or in retirement succeed. This means your Retirement Income Plan should implore a variety of measures to ensure your income and legacy are maximized by utilizing a variety of measures to help your Retirement Income Plan deliver your income and legacy in the most efficient manner possible. Our passion stemmed from seeing so many in our industry fail to use tax efficiency and safety in a proficient manner with peoples Retirement Income Planning. You have worked hard to save for retirement and we believe the people helping you with your planning should work hard as well. That means moving away from traditional thinking because traditional thinking does not factor in a number of important issues create an adverse impact on your plan and keeping it from succeeding.

One of the main challenges is that advisors and insurance agents are in competition with one another for your money. Many advisors are limited with their choice of insurance products and hesitate to utilize many of those products because they believe they can out produce them in the market. We have seen time and again that having access to the right safe products is essential to a plans success. It is near impossible to time the market, which means the market requires time. If you miss-time the market and your income is coming out of products impacted with a loss (especially a major or few years in a row of loss) you never recover. It is simple math we use to educate our clients based on years of experience and is why we have discovered the tremendous value in balancing risk and safety in your portfolio. But even “safe” is not enough. It must be the right kind of vehicle functioning in its true design for maximum success – whether it is the at risk or safe funds.

Meet the Team

We know it is essential to have a “team”. Our team includes 3 key members:

Andy Bowles

Retirement Income Specialist & Partner in Solutions 2 Retirement, LLC

Andy has worked in the insurance industry as a guide and mentor to agents and advisors nationwide, helping them understand the value of utilizing the right product for the right purpose. With his vast experience in the insurance industry as an expert in annuities and life insurance, he understands how to get the most out of these products to help ensure your plan delivers. Andy has been studying the various methods to distributing your assets during retirement and understands the tax implications of your contributions prior to the income phase, and how to get the most from your assets and your social security income.

John Osborn, CPA

Owner of J.S. Osborn, PC & Partner in Solutions 2 Retirement, LLC

John has had an accounting practice for more than 40 years and has also been working with his clients to help them as they enter retirement. John has studied the tax rules to help him maximize his client’s position during retirement. Whether it is complex tax planning, estate planning, or income planning, John understands how the tax rules work to help design a plan that ensures you succeed. His passion to understand requires he slows down to look at all the options before making recommendations…and he enjoys the process.

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Solutions 2 Retirement, LLC is not a CPA firm and does not offer legal or tax advice. You should consult a CPA for specific tax advice and an Attorney for specific legal advice. J.S. Osborn, PC is a separate firm.


Jim Clark

Financial Advisor and Managing Member of Worth Asset Management, LLC.

With more than 30 years of experience in both managing client’s assets and training financial advisors around the nation, Jim offers a seasoned view of guiding his clients and their choices in investing. Jim holds himself to a fiduciary standard and a written code of ethics that he shares with clients. Jim educates his clients and speaks a language they understand. Part of that education is helping clients understand why timing the market or buy and hold philosophies can lead to a less than satisfying experience. Jim also understands the value of working as part of a financial team and how tax efficient planning can improve the client’s potential for success.

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Worth Asset Management, LLC is not affiliated and not partners in Solutions 2 Retirement, LLC.

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