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Protecting your family with life insurance is one of the least expensive things in your retirement portfolio. With life expectancies increasing significantly over the last two decades, the cost of life insurance has gone down, making it as cost efficient as ever before.  In addition, underwriting is more efficient than in past times and technology has made it easier to find the best products at the best prices.

When you add in the “living” benefits of some of these products, you insure you and your loved ones for pennies on the dollar. This has led to the creation of newer products (Indexed Universal Life) that allow your funds to earn additional interest to grow your funds, while covering the cost of paying for your family’s protection.  In fact, we see scenarios where these assets can also provide tax-free income during the retirement years while still providing the protection of a tax-free death benefit.

When you combine all of these features, you create one of our favorite words – leverage.

While many can provide you life insurance, our years of experience in the industry helps us choose the best products by representing dozens of carriers. In addition, we work with underwriters to get the most accurate quotes possible prior to submitting an application.  This provides the most cost effective solution to maximize your family’s protection.  There are many ways to provide solutions that take advantage of the various features of life insurance to protect loved ones, with some of the most popular being:

  • Term Coverage
  • Permanent Coverage
  • Combo Plans
  • Survivorship Coverage
  • Key Person Protection
  • Buy/Sell Agreements

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