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Life Insurance

How much life insurance should I have? This question is asked almost every time a person is looking to protect their family. In reality, no amount of money will fill the absence of a loved one. But it can help remove some of the financial burdens of replacing that person’s income to pay off debts and future expenses. Most of us have experienced or heard of real life situations impacted by both not having and having protection in place. Many are intimidated by the process and concerned about being pressured to make a decision.

Many single persons hesitate to purchase life insurance, but if you think you will become married and/or have a family, or are concerned about the possibility of debt being passed on to your parent(s) or sibling(s), it can be wise to make this decision while younger so you will gain protection at the best price possible.

While we do not like to think of losing a child, it can be wise to include a minimal policy to help protect against an unexpected loss and the expenses it could cause. In addition, when certain policies are properly funded, it can be passed on to them as an adult, giving them not only a way to provide future protection, but to also cash value building in the policy for decades and more than paying for the cost of insurance.

Our approach involves asking you some simple questions to first discover what the cost would be to help guide you in selecting the type and amount of coverage that would give you and your family peace of mind. It is simply our role to shop our dozens of insurance companies so you can know you not only have the best price, but the best type of policy to meet your needs. There will be no pressure…just an honest effort to help you. Our constant guide will be the peace of mind you feel with any decision you make. For your free consultation contact.

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Retirement Plans

It is never too early or too late for retirement planning.  We show you how to maximize your contributions based on your specifics, such as income, tax situation and age of retirement goals.  By properly positioning assets in the appropriate retirement accounts, you save thousands of dollars annually in taxation.  The power of putting these thousands of dollars to work makes an impact of hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

Our goal is to remove as many question marks as possible so you can feel confident and peaceful about your retirement plans. Having a well-designed, written plan enables you to stay on target so that you can enjoy the security of knowing what your retirement looks like.

We are so passionate about proper planning that we conduct educational workshops at a local college throughout the year.  There is no cost to attend and no cost to set up a one on one consultation.

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